EID Mubarak Cupcakes

Eid Mubarak

There hasn’t been much to celebrate over the last couple of months but with Eid al-Fitr almost upon us many of our Muslim friends will be looking forward to a day of celebration.  While there is no doubt many people’s traditional Eid celebrations will be different this year that doesn’t mean people can’t still enjoy themselves.

Ramadan Kareem toppers

With some many of us still housebound perhaps this is the year to dazzle everyone with your special Eid cupcakes!  Even if you can’t hand out cupcakes to everyone you’d like to spend the day with you can still share pictures of them, so it’s time to make sure they look as good as they taste!  Our cupcake toppers are vegetarian and have no odour or taste ensuring they only help your cake’s appearance, not interfere with how they taste.  What you get printed on the topper is limited only by your imagination.  Perhaps a traditional greeting, perhaps a picture of a much missed grandchild or perhaps some shared memory or place to make a friend smile.

Eid Mubarak Baking treats

If you’re unsure what to put on an edible topper then don’t worry we’ve already got a great selection of Eid designs already for you, with a sheet of 15 starting at only £1.20. You can see our pre-designed Eid toppers here - https://www.edibilis.co.uk/collections/seasonal-toppers/category_eid-mubarak

A selection of Eid edible toppers

Lastly we’d love to see what your finished cakes look like so don’t forget to send us a pic or copy us in if you post them online.

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