DIY Cake Decoration - what are cake wraps?

Have you ever seen a celebratory cake that just stopped you in your tracks and made you say ‘wow’?  It may have a colourful pattern around the edge, or an intricate map of the world.  If you are interested in a bit of DIY, our edible prints can easily give your cake a professional look with a beautifully designed cake wrap.White and Rose Gold Marble cake wrap used for a faultline cake

It can sometimes be a struggle to finish your cake with perfectly smooth sides or tricky designs and printed cake wraps (or cake ribbons as they are sometimes called) are often used by bakeries to finish a cake with elaborate patterns or images. The good news is that you can use cake wraps at home to create that pro look.

Edible cake wraps are wafer thin sheets of icing or rice paper that can be curved to fit around the sides of your cake. They have very little taste so can be used with any flavour you can think of. You can order them pre-designed on our website with a selection of colourful patterns and images here.  The result is a cake with a professional finish that would rival any bakery.Two tier cake with blue and peach check icing cake wrap around

Anything is possible from a cake for a formal occasion to one for a children’s party.  They are also being seen more and more on wedding cakes  - used on one tier they can give a beautiful contrast to the rest of the cake.  Alternatively you can wrap each tier in a different pattern.  If you have a specific theme or colour scheme in mind for a cake, our in-house design team can help create the perfect personalised cake wrap design for you.4 tier wedding cake with printed cake wrap

We are often asked how to apply a cake wrap.  Don't panic!  It’s quick and easy to wrap around any cake, whether you are using buttercream or fondant. Trim the design to size with scissors if necessary then just wrap around a cake covered in butter icing.  Alternatively you can use edible glue to apply to a fondant covered cake.  You can then either top with a matching cake topper in rice paper or printed icing or you can decorate with icing or cake decorations. Aqua and pink icing cake wrap with a floral arrangement on top

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