Fathers Day Cupcake Toppers for Super Dad

 Father's Day June 21 2020

“He’s so hard to buy for”. How many times have you heard that said about someone’s Dad? With Father’s Day approaching and the lockdown still in place in many parts of the country you can expect to hear it fairly regularly in the coming weeks.

Father baking cakes with children

Despite Dads coming in all shapes, sizes and ages and having so many different interests, so many of us still struggle to know what to get Dad - at least something that he’ll actually like. So here’s something we’ve learned over the years; Dads like cake! On average Dad’s will eat all types of cakes, from cup cakes to birthday cakes to wedding cake to a simple Victoria sponge someone picked up in the supermarket. There are also fathers out there who like pies too, and there are even some fathers who don’t mind an alcoholic drink now and then too. So here’s our Father’s Day idea, a simple and easy way to give Dad a day to remember; personalise it.I love you dad personalised fathers day cupake toppers

With our edible toppers you can give Dad a cake that’s all his, crowned with an image of his children or grandchildren. Or maybe it’s an image of favourite car or sports team, a pic from a much missed holiday or maybe it’s just a shot of the man himself doing whatever it is he likes best.

Black and white football printed cupcake toppers

If you don’t want to put your edible topper on a cake then they work equally well on hot pies, bread and even on top of drinks, from a wonderful cocktail to an ice-cold beer. If you’re struggling to come up with a suitable image fear not, we’ve a selection of Father’s Day images and messages you can use instead, with some brand new designs for 2020. Happy Father's Day cupcake

The point is for a little bit of effort you can give your Dad a very special Father’s Day. 

In truth Dads actually aren't that hard to buy for. Just a bit of effort and imagination is needed to celebrate and spoil our Dad's on their big day, and every Dad is gonna LOVE that!Cupcake's for Fathers Day

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