They All Matter

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A range of pre-designed cupcake toppers in support of They All Matter, printed in a two sizes, available in a choice of three paper types. All products are 100% edible and easy to use.

Edible Icing

Icing cupcake toppers are printed in quantities of 15 (50mm) or 30 (38mm). These preformed discs are approx 1mm thick and come stuck to a plastic backing sheet from which they can be easily removed.

Icing toppers are best suited to flat surfaces where they will drape over your topping like a second skin.

Rice Paper

Premium rice paper toppers are printed in quantities of 15 (50mm) or 30 (38mm) and are available in uncut sheets or if you prefer that they arrive ready to use, you can select the precut option.

Premium rice paper is firm like a thin card, suited to buttercream or oil based toppings where they can be applied well in advance with no deterioration.

Standard rice paper toppers are thinner, more flexible and partially translucent. These may wilt or curl upwards at the edges and should be applied as late as possible or firmly pressed into your topping.


Edible icing sheets are made from the following ingredients: water, cornstarch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, sorbitol, glycerine, sugar, vegetable oil, gum arabic, polysorbate 80, vanilla, titanium dioxide, citric acid.

Rice paper sheets are made from the following ingredients: potato starch , vegetable oil , water - water based food colouring.

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