Burn Away Cake - Personalised Toppers

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Pickup available at Unit 33 Grovewood Business Centre

Usually ready in 24 hours

1. Select your design for the Standard Rice Paper top layer from our pre-designed options, then add your personalisations in the text box.

2. Upload your image for the Edible Icing second layer.

This product is created and sold as edible printed rice paper and icing sheets which are the materials commonly used in the social media trend of "burn away cakes". Customers are advised to do this at their own discretion and take great care if participating in this trend, ensuring that the cake and materials are in a safe environment and out of reach of children. 

One 190mm (approximately 7.5") large round cake topper printed on standard rice paper for the top layer, and one 190mm large round cake topper printed on Edible Icing for the second layer.

Personalised with your own image and/or text. With our DIY edible toppers you can upload your own photos, company logo, create a custom message with text or just an image to celebrate a special occasion.

Our personalised cake toppers can be used on any size of round cake - if you would like it smaller than 190mm (we can work in inches or cm), just add a note in the notes section after uploading your image, or in the 'order instructions' box on the basket page.

If you need more assistance, please contact us, providing as much information as possible and we will be happy to help.

Each edible icing sheet has 1 x 190mm design and is a thin piece of flavourless icing, white in colour and affixed to a plastic backing sheet making it possible to handle . When removed from the backing sheet the edible icing is extremely pliable and manageable without cracking or tearing.

Edible icing sheets are made from the following ingredients: water, cornstarch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, sorbitol, glycerine, sugar, vegetable oil, gum arabic, polysorbate 80, vanilla, titanium dioxide, citric acid

Each rice paper sheet has 1 x 190mm design, printed using edible ink. Each sheet is a very thin piece of flavourless edible paper, white in colour, ready to be cut out and applied to your cakes.

100% edible - Extremely easy to use , just place on top of any icing.

Rice paper sheets are made from the following ingredients: potato starch , vegetable oil , water - water based food colouring.

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