Elf on the shelf fault line cake using an A4 icing cake topper

Christmas dinner; for most of us it’s the most important meal of the year so why not make it a real cracker and ditch the traditional fruit cake and opt for a bang on trend ‘fault line’ cake instead.

Fault line cake created with our A3 printed cake wrap in white and rose gold marbleIf you’ve not yet seen one, #Faultlinecakes are taking Pinterest and Instagram by storm. Incredibly visual and with a real ‘wow’ factor they’re an evolution of the geode cake, where the cake appeared to have split open to reveal a crystal like interior. Fault line cakes are much more versatile and the centre ‘fault’ can open up to reveal endless possible creations and ideas. Unlike geode cakes, there is no need to waste half the cake by cutting chunks out of it, which is great when you love cake as much as we do!

The internet is awash with video tutorials showing how to create these amazing cakes with their ‘faults’ opening up to reveal an array of sprinkles and piped flowers, however, why stop there? By using our personalised printed icing sheets within the ‘fault’, you can create a cake that is truly unique and tailored specifically to you and your tastes.

Fault line cake using an A4 printed topper with the Elf on the ShelfThe possibilities are endless. You can print Santa’s face and have him peeking out of the middle of a snow white Christmas cake with 3D gloved hand modelled from fondant icing adding to the effect. For those of you looking for new scenarios for your ‘elf on the shelf’, we can print his face onto our icing, so when the fault line opens, that naughty elf could be hiding inside your family Christmas cake! A more grown up design could be achieved by using one of our edible Christmas cake ribbons running through the fault line. This could be enhanced with a touch of edible glitter and metallic paint and you could even have cupcake toppers to match. 

Of course this doesn’t just have to be for Christmas. Imagine the fun you could have with a birthday or wedding cake, or even a proposal cake, well 2020 is a leap year…

Navy and Gold Geometric cake wrap used for a faultline cakeIf you LOVE the look of a fault line cake but don’t have the tools or the time to make one, our very clever designers have created some wonderful effects with our preprinted fault line cake wraps. These are a brilliant way to create the same effect in minutes. Check them out here.

We certainly hope we have given you food for thought. Have fun with these fabulous cakes and get in touch with us if you have a brilliant idea that you would like us to print. Finally, don’t forget to send us pictures of your wonderful show stopping creations. 

Anna x

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