How do I get my pictures to you?

    Images can be uploaded on our website and drop down selections are available to choose the size and finish required.

    You are also able to add text at the top, middle and bottom of your cake toppers in a range of fonts and colours.

    Single or multiple images?   

    Multiple images can be uploaded (to a maximum of 30) at no additional charge.  Just use the arrow buttons provided to move onto the next topper design.

    What can you print?

    We can print pretty much anything. By ordering from us you are confirming that you have the rights/permission to print the images.

    Please do not ask us to print images which are of a pornographic, criminal, offensive, threatening, racial or defamatory nature.

    Can I just send you my photos?

    Yes of course.  Instead of using the "design your own cake topper" tool, please place your order using our in-house design service and add a note in the special instructions box to advise you are emailing your images. Then send them to quoting your order number.  Please feel free to call us on 0800 043 4557 if you need more information.

    Can you alter my image?

    The "design your own cake topper" tool does not allow us to alter your images.  If you would like any alterations made, please order using our in-house design service and add any comments in the special instructions box.

    What quality does my photo need to be?

    We recommend a resolution of at least 100 Dpi. However, the higher the resolution of the image, the better.  We also recommend the size of your image to be around 800 pixels square.  You may experience problems uploading files larger than this.  Files under 500 pixels square are lower resolution and may not produce a nice sharp finish.

    What file type can I upload?

      The following image types can be uploaded:

      • JPG
      • PNG
      • GIF

      How will my cake topper appear?

        We will NOT check for image quality, size, spelling, punctuation or case correction for any designs uploaded so please make sure you have designed your topper exactly how you would like it to be printed.

        Due to slight variations in the  printer feed and the fact that no two sheets of toppers have the discs positioned exactly the same we do advise that your image may not be exactly centred on the cupcake toppers.  Unfortunately this is unavoidable at times, however we do try to ensure that this is no more than 1-2mm.

        How can I get the best colour match?

        Getting a really good colour match when printing your cake toppers is a little more complicated than it may first seem.  In the majority of cases we are able to get a really good match, however occasionally it can be affected by one of two issues.

        The first reason is that we print with edible ink, not standard ink, and this can very occasionally make a difference in the colour obtained. 

        The usual reason however is to do with the format of the image supplied.  Images created for digital use e.g. websites, email, digital ads use the RGB colour system (displayed using red, green, blue and light) whereas images created for printing e.g. magazines, advertising leaflets and cake toppers, use the CMYK colour system (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).

        RGB vs CMYK colour systems

        Also, as light is not used in the printing process once an image is printed on the cake topper, it unlikely that it will be as bright as when viewed on a digital display (phone screen, laptop or monitor).

        RGB vs CMYK difference in appearance

        The majority of images that are supplied by our customers are created using the RGB colour system, however if you require an exact colour match we strongly recommend uploading a CMYK image.  Whilst it may look slightly different on your monitor, it should print in the correct colour.

        Should you have any concerns, please get in touch and we will try to help.

        Magenta, bright pinks and purples, are the most difficult colours to match. If your image contains large areas of the following colours then it will be very difficult to get an exact match

        Problems with printing pinks Bright pinks will print more red

         Problems with printing purpleBright purples print more burgundy

        You can read more about RGB, CMYK and pantone colours in this great blog by Natsumi Nishizumi.