Edibilis logo with Cocktail Topper logoThere are few things that catch the eye in a bar or restaurant as much as a cocktail. Exotic, interesting, often colourful and enticing they have grown in popularity.  Drinkers watch in awe as they’re prepared and everyone looks at the finished masterpiece, cameraphones at the ready, and this is where our cocktail toppers come into their own. Cocktail toppers, or cocktail decorations, are the perfect accompaniment to the cocktail maker’s craft.

The Alchemist Pink Fizz Paloma with our cocktail topper

Our toppers are perfect not only for cocktails, but also beer, coffee and any other drink you might like to add that special touch too.Shop now for personalised cocktail toppers

Within reason we can print almost anything on a cocktail topper. It could be the name of a bar or hotel, the name of the cocktail itself, a promotional message or something to tie in with an event or celebration. If you are a business hosting a party, at a trade show or a corporate event and looking to impress and leave a positive impression on your guests – having your logo on top of the cocktail is a great way to do so – something which is possible with edible cocktail toppers. After all, what’s more “instagrammable” than a cocktail?printed rice paper cocktail topper

Our minimum order is only one sheet of toppers, so you don’t have to be a professional either. If you’re hosting a party in your home why not make it memorable with cocktail toppers to impress your friends and family. We have seen them used for birthdays, graduation, engagement & wedding celebrations among others.

Unlike some other suppliers, our cocktail toppers are odourless and flavour free.  You don’t have to worry about the taste of your beverage being compromised.

Printed on either standard or premium rice paper, our cocktail toppers are free from animal products and fully vegan, as well as gluten-free, making them a great option regardless of dietary requirements.Shop now for personalised cocktail toppers now

Cocktail toppers are a wonderful addition to a memorable event, something that everyone will notice and comment on.Aperol Spritz with branded cocktail topper