It’s not a coincidence that all the major milestones in life are celebrated with a cake. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, Christenings, engagements, weddings, retirements and many other social events are made all the more sweeter with a slice of cake. In a world of change, it’s a tradition that shows no sign of fading. Cake trends and flavours come and go, but the traditional iced or chocolate cake topping whether it’s on sponge, madeira or fruit, remains in vogue.

When designing our edible cake toppers and edible cupcake toppers we have the motto; if you can imagine it, we can create it. Let your imagination run wild or simply stick to the traditional, any cake will be enhanced with one of our toppers. They are a quick, easy and super effective way to personalise a cake and spread joy to that someone special in your life.

Large birthday cake topper

Browse through our extensive range here or create your own. Is your little one obsessed with flamingoes? We’ve got it covered. Maybe your dad is a huge Sheffield Wednesday fan, yep you guessed it, we’ve got a topper for that. Or maybe your child wants you to design a cake that looks exactly like their favourite cuddly toy, believe it of not that’s absolutely no problem, our ‘design your own topper’ tool makes it really easy to create an edible cake topper unique to you. We can print photos, drawings, logos or just a written message, if you can save it to your computer we can print it!

Our cake toppers come in 3 different sizes, A3, A4 and 190mm circular and it’s no coincidence that these sizes fit perfectly on cakes bought from a well know cash ’n’ carry outlet, turning a standard shop bought cake into a bespoke creation in less than 5 minutes. And why stop with cakes? Our edible cupcake toppers or edible drinks toppers can all be printed to match.

We use edible ink on icing or two types of rice paper (standard or premium) and all our toppers are kosher and allergen free.

So the next time you are planning a celebration and fancy something a little bit different get in touch, it really is just a piece of cake!

Baby shower printed cake topper that can be personalised