How to get a nice clear cake topper

Our customers often want to use their own photos, logos or images for their cake toppers so we wanted to offer some advice to get the best possible result.

We offer personalised cake toppers either using our 'design your own cake topper tool' or through our in-house design service (this includes personalised corporate cake toppers and personalised charity cake toppers), however both methods involve uploading your images to our website.

Increasing DPI (dots per inch)

Image Size


We recommend a resolution of around 300 Dpi (dots per inch), however the higher the resolution of the image, the better.  We also recommend the size of your image to be around 1000 pixels square - especially for our larger cake toppers.  You may experience problems uploading files much larger than this. Files under 500 pixels square are lower resolution and may not produce a nice sharp finish.

Dpi - dots per inch, or number of pixels

Types of image files


Whilst jpg and png are the best and most recognised file types that we use, there are others that we can work with.

For our in-house design service you should also be able to upload pdf, gif, tif and bmp files as well as pdfs or word documents.

File types we can use for printed cake toppers

A helping hand is always here


need help?...and finally, if you need any help at all when choosing your cake toppers, or designing them, please feel free to drop us an email at or give us a call on 0800 043 4557

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