Decorate your own dog biscuit
Gift buying for pets has seen a huge increase over the last few years, and dogs top the list by a mile.

Decorate your own dog biscuit from TescoThis Christmas, Tesco have launched a new addition to their Christmas range for pets - "Decorate your own dog Biscuit".  The kit includes a large wholemeal dog biscuit in the shape of a bone, a wee tube of red icing, and two of our printed edible rice paper cake toppers.  This means that you can use the icing and topper to decorate the biscuit however you like for your pooch and he gets to enjoy a treat at Christmas with the rest of the family.

We are so excited that they have chosen to include our cake toppers in the set, and rushed straight out to buy one to try our ourselves.  You can check out our video below to see how we got on, but my friends dog, the wonderful Sidney, really enjoyed every last crumb.

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